Many building blocks. One software solution.

Project management solutions are many. But PlanToBuild is made by experts. With our software, we have found the answers to the specific requirements on the building site.


Take a look for yourself

Watch the video to see how our software makes managing your projects simpler and more efficient, which functions will help you and how all stakeholders work in connection with one another.


Why we are here

PlanToBuild was developed out of our operational business in order to prevent unnecessary errors on the building site. Fewer mistakes means lower costs. Faster completion means greater profits.

How we do it

The simple idea behind PlanToBuild is to alleviate your workload through digitalisation. We simplify the construction project management processes for all those involved. This makes projects much more straightforward and clearly structured. And the number of mistakes is minimised. So go ahead, it's easy!

What we have to offer

PlanToBuild is a cross-trade, web-based software solution for construction project management that has been developed by industry insiders for real-life needs. Perfectly practical.

Theory is good. Practice is better.

We can tell you plenty, but the proof is found on the construction site. Best to trust the customers who already use our software for their daily project management.

Success stories

True digitalisation means thinking outside the box. As a project process consultant, I know that it's simpler and smarter not to tie up digital data flows in individual solutions, but to bundle them transparently on a single platform – like PlanToBuild.

Matthias ZimmermannCEO, soflinx consult GmbH

Construction project processing has become critical to our success. Without a project management system like PlanToBuild, there's no way we could manage that. The tool provides us internally with a clear structure and legal guide for successful construction project management, so that we can create more transparency and clarity for our customers.

Christian Koch Managing Director, Reko GmbH & Co. KG

We have staked our reputation on processing our orders on-time. PlanToBuild's scheduling function allows us to easily create schedules and effortlessly implement changes. Sharing information with external specifiers is also much easier.

Werner BartholomeusManaging Director, Bartholomeus Metallbau GmbH

The platform and its features are bespoke to our business, considering the aspects of combining the program with the units from the scope of work forming the digital building model for all elements. PlanToBuild is tailored for document and task collaboration, and for understanding and tracking the status throughout all phases of my projects in real time.

Mark LavenderManaging Director Openwood Ltd

Our ground-breaking success is down to everyone involved living and breathing effective project management from the outset. PlanToBuild is the right instrument for that. The individual and modular functions allow us to decide what's best for our company. The technical knowledge of Schüco is what guarantees our success.

Lutz LangerManaging Director, Langer Metallbau GmbH

PlanToBuild is a great tool that helps us better plan the projects in more organization and detail. PlanToBuild has opened up our company’s mission on pre-planning and transparent communication with the stakeholders, General Contractors and project managers. It maximizes the resources of the company to ensure efficiency on all projects while implementing proper communication and control of planning for the entire process.

Juan GonzalezSales/Company Representative, Sequel, US

PlanToBuild is beneficial in keeping us organized. It’s great to have a software that we can keep everything on. Anyone in the company can login to check the status or update the status of the job. This makes communication between departments much easier. All in all, this software is extremely beneficial with organization and communication.

Sawyer CoopriderProject Manager, Reliance Window Systems part of Eurotech Industries, USA

By practitioners, for practitioners.

We are insiders who know what construction industry stakeholders need to successfully manage projects with simplicity, clarity, transparency and communication in real time.

7 Workspaces
21 Functions
100 Euro/month
(as the base rate with the starter pack)
  • 60 days free trial access
  • 10 internal user licences
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • 1 TB storage capacity

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