Success story Openwood

Openwood is a specialist for architectural glass and aluminium solutions for external building facades and internal fit-out works. Openwood Facades is part of the Openwood Group, and the company activities involve the design, manufacture and installation of curtain walling, windows and doors.

Openwood Facades

Wickford, United Kingdom

2011 Founding
40 Employees
2020 Switched to PlanToBuild

Who works with PTB at your company, and for what??

Mark Lavender: PlanToBuild is used by us in project management, assembly and company management. We use it for project planning and coordination and in assembly for status tracking of the elements.

How long have you been using PTB?

Mark Lavender: We started using PlanToBuild in 2020.

Have you used project management software before?

Mark Lavender: In the past we used software that only included scheduling.

What problems did you have without the use of PTB?

Mark Lavender: The task of seeking a particular part is rather lengthy. That process could take several hours, whereas with PlanToBuild we simply open the project, we can open a drawing, click on the item in question and it will give us all the necessary documentation in seconds. 

Watch the video to see how Mark and Peter Lavender use PlanToBuild to access all project-relevant data for their construction projects at any time, regardless of location.

What has improved through the use of PTB?

Mark Lavender: Any of our users has access to the projects in PlantoBuild, whether from a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet. When they access PlanToBuild, they are completely up to date with the projects, which we have struggled to find with any other software currently in existence, that will give us that advantage. 

Do you have a favorite function?

Mark Lavender: I like the fact that I can see all project data in real time and share it with our clients. This transparency in our projects promotes trusting and good cooperation.

If you had one wish for free ... 

Mark Lavender: ... I would like to have flexible reporting options added in the future.

Schüco partner since?

Mark Lavender: 2012

PlanToBuild is the software for which I was searching for more than two years, and I finally found what I was looking for at the BAU in Munich. The platform and its features are bespoke to our business, considering the aspects of combining the program with the units from the scope of work forming the digital building model for all elements. PlanToBuild is tailored for document and task collaboration, and for understanding and tracking the status throughout all phases of my projects in real time. PlanToBuild gives me security for all my active projects.

Mark LavenderManaging Director – Openwood Group

Victoria House, Victoria Court, 3 Hurricane Way · Wickford SS11 8YY
Tel: (44) 1268 / 574260

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