Everything connected – and the construction project succeeds

Any time. Anywhere. For everyone. Each individual player on the building site has different needs. If, despite this, everyone works hand-in-hand, then it's a success.

Whether during the day, overnight or at the weekend. Whether in the office, in the workshop or on the building site. Whether on the computer, on a smartphone or on a tablet. Whether as the managing director, project manager or installer. With PlanToBuild, everyone benefits. Because it provides everyone with the functions they need. In just one tool. And if it works once, then it works.

For managing directors:
everything at a glance.

PlanToBuild is an asset for executive managers. It not only provides you with a segmented view, it also allows you to manage the bigger picture. You can guarantee top quality without losing sight of expenditure. And in doing so, you can direct your attention to the most valuable thing: your customers.

For Project Managers:
everything in motion.

PlanToBuild enables project and workshop managers to manage constructions professionally throughout the entire project. This allows you to connect all the necessary project components together and to call up a real-time status report at any time. You also have the option to manage defects and process disruptions. In other words, you can focus on the most important thing – your project.

For installers:
everything under control.

PlanToBuild makes work on the building site significantly easier. You can see exactly which component or unit needs to be built or installed when and where – and can then simply tick off that it has been installed. You can document building progress in seconds and intuitively create daily construction reports. This means you can concentrate on what's truly essential – your work.

For project stakeholders:
everything connected.

Architects. Specialist planners. Subcontractors. Clients. With our software, cooperation takes on a whole new dimension. Because all project stakeholders work on the same content using a single tool, they all have the same information. Unknowns are a thing of the past. Now the latest data, schedules and document history are available to all: clearly, simply and in real time. And you can take care of everything else – your other building sites.

Many building blocks. One software solution.

Project management solutions are many. But PlanToBuild is made by experts. With our software, we have found the answers to the specific requirements on the building site.

Everything at a glance – from task management and scheduling to quality management.

Overview of functions

  • 2 months free trial access
  • 10 internal user licences
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • 1 TB storage capacity

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Our price model

100 euros per month as the base rate with the starter pack.
Regardless of how many projects you have – large or small.

PlanToBuild ...

… is a true specialist when it comes to building: you start your planning with PlanToBuild and you end up with a successful project. Irrespective of whether you need to implement one project or many in parallel.