Many building blocks. One software solution.

Project management solutions are many. But PlanToBuild is made by experts. With our software, we have found the answers to the specific requirements on the building site.

Manage construction projects.
Big. Small. Complex. Simple. Everything!

Functions such as scheduling, task management, daily construction reports, defect management and reporting are the base essentials. There is no question about it. And we are experts in these areas.

Our special building blocks, however, include functions such as incident and unit management. PlanToBuild provides ready-made statements and sample letters at the touch of a button. We facilitate the production of building models in 2D and 3D. And while we are discussing the benefits – with PlanToBuild, you can locate all the building components and units on the construction plans you have uploaded. You have instant access to the fabrication, installation and maintenance dates as well as the relevant planning, installation and maintenance documents. The best thing is: PlanToBuild can do even more than that ...

The best data security and process reliability

  • SSL encryption
  • Guaranteed data availability thanks to redundant data storage
  • Cloud storage for your data on German servers
  • GDPR-compliant data protection
  • Access rights only for users chosen by you


The software is based on a modular and intuitive operating concept – for mutually successful project management by everyone involved. Each workspace includes specific functions that, depending on authorisation, can be used across all projects.

  • For project managers: quick navigation between projects in the respective workspaces.
  • For project stakeholders: all relevant topics are available at a glance – without the risk of information overload.
  • For everyone: all relevant work information in the workspaces is clearly structured. Switching between workspaces and projects is quick and intuitive.

Included in starter pack

Create once instead of time and again. Contacts, templates, authorisation structures and much more – you can manage your individual company data and settings. In this way, you also always maintain control for internal and external users. And everyone is able to keep track of everything.

This is how it works: information is given at the right time with the right level of detail in the right places and to the right persons responsible. It's difficult to find better communication and transparency when it comes to tasks and deadlines.

The heart of your planning: A practical overview of all current tasks, important milestones and used resources - in real time and from wherever you want to access.

Complete transparency in real time – and everyone has the same information: our document collaboration function with version management makes working together not just paperless; it also avoids the duplication of work as you are working on the latest versions of the documents.  It's difficult to find better communication and transparency when it comes to tasks as well as files.

Multiple projects in parallel = complete chaos? That's a thing of the past. With this function, you always have total control of deadlines, resources, costs and the status of all projects from any location. Irrespective of how many projects there are. 

Add-on modules

From a burdensome chore to a simple process in line with industry regulations: document incidents and defects easily in accordance with the legal requirements using our process templates. Illegible daily construction reports are also a thing of the past with our module.

Minimal effort, maximum alleviation of your workload through visualisation and always being up-to-date: create an easy and clear building model in 2D or 3D in which all the building components can be easily located. This allows you to follow the building project wherever you are and across all of the process steps – from planning through to maintenance and completion.

Master of connections:
We link data.

To ensure the project runs smoothly, everyone involved needs to work together and be coordinated properly. PlanToBuild has the precise functions required to ensure everyone knows who (resource management) is doing what (task management), and when (scheduling), where (unit tracking) and how (quality management) they are doing it. In summary: a fully functioning project.

PlanToBuild ...

... is a true specialist when it comes to building: you start your planning with PlanToBuild and you end up with a successful project. Irrespective of whether you need to implement one project or many in parallel.