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Here you specify how the project is to run: you enter the individual settings, such as the company logo, language, currency and units of measure, and create custom project templates, such as folder structures, schedules and project groups. The user and authorisation management function also allows you to specify who has access to your data and when. 

  • Customization of the application (company logo, currency, language, units of measure, etc.)
  • Creation of project templates (project groups, schedules, folder structures)
  • User and authorization management by the customer
  • Integration of external project participants and suppliers into the project
  • Information about the current status (project dashboard)
  • Weekly time recording after project and common hours, illness and vacation periods are also recorded
Screenshot: Project overview
Project overview
Screenshot: Company Settings
Company Settings
Screenshot: Template of Folderstructure
Template of Folderstructure
Screenshot: Template of Project Teams
Template of Project Teams
Screenshot: Template of schedules
Template of schedules
Screenshot: External collaborators
External collaborators
Screenshot: Internal employees
Internal employees
Screenshot: Overview of collaborators
Overview of collaborators
Screenshot: Timesheets
Screenshot: Training Material
Training Material
Screenshot: Account Settings
Account Settings
Screenshot: Company performance
Company performance
Screenshot: Licenses