Good training is the best preparation.

Intuitive and individual application – after all, our project management software aims to make your work easier. That applies from the outset – even when you first use it. Simple, flexible and effective – so that you can quickly get started. 

Our support team is by your side:

So you can get to grips with our project management software, we provide extensive on-site training for you. We also provide individual training sessions for you during the ongoing process, for example if you want to enhance your workspaces or functions. This is how we alleviate your workload!

PlanToBuild software training

What is it?

Comprehensive project management using schedule and task management, document collaboration and construction service location with the aid of PlanToBuild project management software.

Who is it for?

Managers and project managers, as well as all employees involved in project planning, project management and project execution.

When is it?

Whenever you like. We can come to you. Ask us for dates!
We have fixed training in Bielefeld twice a year.

Where is it?

With us in Bielefeld or at your premises. You have the choice.


  • 14th September 2021

Sessions run from 9 am to 4 pm.

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Construction project management seminar

What is it?

Project management aims and tasks; schedule, cost and quality management

Who is it for?

Employees from Job Planning, Purchasing, Workshop and Installation Management, managing directors and project managers with no prior knowledge of project management

When is it?


Where is it?

We can come to you, or at least near to you, be it Bielefeld, Nuremberg, Berlin or Hamburg. 

Want to find out more about our training dates? Use our contact form.