We understand construction. And software.

PlanToBuild combines the best of both worlds. We are an internationally networked team with two locations. Bielefeld and New York City.

In Bielefeld our expert employees with many years of experience in the construction industry work together with qualified new recruits. They deal with the product management, sales, consultations and service.

And in New York? Here our qualified engineers and programmers work on developing the software. They don't just know their way around sequences of zeros and ones, they also come from the construction industry. A better understanding of the market and more expertise is hard to find.

What sets us apart is our diversity – old hands and young blood. Together, we work on improving PlanToBuild every day. Always for the best solution. Always for our customers.



Marcel KyeckMarcel Kyeck

Marcel Kyeck

Product Management

Stephan ManegoldStephan Manegold

Stephan Manegold

Software Development & Infrastructure

Corinna OssiekCorinna Ossiek

Corinna Ossiek

Team Admin

Jan-Philipp ParschauJan-Philipp Parschau

Jan-Philipp Parschau

Product Management

Raphael ViemeisterRaphael Viemeister

Raphael Viemeister

Managing Director

Henning VormbrockHenning Vormbrock

Henning Vormbrock

Consultation & Support

Ole WendtOle Wendt

Ole Wendt

Consultation & Support

Mehmet YilmazMehmet Yilmaz

Mehmet Yilmaz

Consultation & Support

Aman BindalAman Bindal

Aman Bindal

Senior Software Developer

Tejav DeGanyarTejav DeGanyar

Tejav DeGanyar

Director PlanToBuild New York

Victoria EricksonVictoria Erickson

Victoria Erickson

Senior UI/UX Developer

Darian GomezDarian Gomez

Darian Gomez

Senior Software Developer

Zohar IferganZohar Ifergan

Zohar Ifergan

UI/UX Developer

Lokesh KarkeeLokesh Karkee

Lokesh Karkee

Software Developer

Sundeep VeguruSundeep Veguru

Sundeep Veguru

Head of Software Development

We love what we do.

Our favourite day is today. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. Because we want to do things. Is expertise the be-all and end-all? No, it isn't. It definitely gives us an advantage, but it is our passion that makes the difference. Knuckling down, and not being satisfied with the first good solution that comes along. Asking questions, and going the extra mile. Carrying on, even when mistakes are made. Fixing them quickly and learning from them straightaway. That's who we are!

We are a start-up. Of Schüco.

PlanToBuild GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schüco International KG. A strong parent company means a high degree of reliability: Schüco is one of the leading providers of technology and services for window, door and façade systems. In addition to the headquarters in Bielefeld, the company with its 5,650 employees is active in more than 80 countries, achieving a turnover of 1.695 billion euros in 2020. Schüco works with 10,000 fabricators and 30,000 architectural practices, as well as construction professionals who commission buildings around the world. Others can only dream of this kind of support.

Part of Schüco

Plan.One as the ideal complement.

In addition to PlanToBuild, Schüco runs a corporate start-up with a search and comparison platform for building products. The perfect complement: while PlanToBuild ensures the smooth running of the building project, Plan.One facilitates the search and comparison of suitable products for your building project. Plan.One enables the extensive digitalisation of the product search and revolutionises the interaction between architects, planners, manufacturers and contractors in the construction industry. Together, we offer two platforms that complement each other and can be used in combination to optimally and efficiently organise your everyday construction project. Find building products. Compare. Plan.

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